What Am I?

                                                                                  Holy frigging shit! What a bizarre world we live in. I happened to catch an episode of Ancient Aliens on T.V., basically […]

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    I should have the choice to do composting, wear a seat belt, or whatever – isn’t that what living in a free world is all about? I don’t get it, cause we have no freedoms, not really – the freedom to work maybe, providing you jumped thru hoops to get the required qualifications. […]

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A Humane World?

    One where everybody cares about everybody, a balanced world is that desired & it could be here, if anyone really cares. I know of homeless people – decent people, living on the streets & begging for meals to survive – most of us don’t even see them anymore. We close our eyes as […]

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Ego Jockeys

    I think we need to find some way to destroy the parasitic ego, of all of us – or at the very least – control it. I truly believe, the ego – who’s not our friend, just causes problems. The ego – you know that ceaseless voice in your head that tells you […]

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A Pleasant Dream

Once I awoke Seized by something? Quickly crossing the floor I peered out the window   The moon’s power Drew my sight & what a sight I saw Two moons cavorted   Way up in the sky They darted this way & that Up & down & all around They were playing   They nudged […]

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This door swings

  I should get all the groceries & then cook them I should do all the cleaning, dusting, etc. I should care about your well being Never mind my own inner state   I’m supposed to have a pleasing shape Yet I should love you as is It’s fine if you tell me lies But […]

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  The golden growths Waved in the wind Sun glinted on the fronds Adding a sparkling quality   Amber fields stretched On & on – seemingly forever The acreages sole occupant Steadily harvests his crops   A faraway cow lowed Fly by birds chirped The sunlight’s light Made the sights – sepia   Long ago […]

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Ah! Freedom

  Where have you gone? There’s little choice now No contact, virtually nothing Except the virtual   I’m starting to feel corralled Herded into a place of despair Sad, Mad, Confused, Lonely A place where no hope exists   In these days of ‘Fake News’ Why should I believe anyone? Captors want to change us […]

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  I’m really starting to sort of believe all those protesters that call this whole thing fake. It kind of makes sense in our ‘Fake News’ days. This virus doesn’t really act like a virus either. All the news & government deities proclaim – loud & somewhat belligerently that somehow our fingers are to blame, […]

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Energy can soothe

  If you let it It can calm your soul Let you see the truth Accept it for what it is   Let the certainty of The future wash over you Give your being a bit Of a respite from the news   The lies people tell you No – the authoritive lies Give yourself […]

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